Benefits Associated With Renewable Energy Sources

These are safe and environmentally friendly energy sources. They include wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric energy. Renewable energy sources are known for providing substantial benefits for your health, economy, and climate. Their main benefits include the following;

Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases

The use of solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectricity has offered an effective way of powering vehicles, homes, and businesses. This has greatly reduced over dependence on fossil fuels. They are therefore helpful in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and emissions into the power

Solar and wind use the power of the sun and wind respectively to generate electricity. The power generated can be stored in batteries. It can also be distributed like the conventional utility electricity. With hydroelectricity, water is used in generating power.

Job creation

This is a labour intensive industry that creates many jobs. It is an industry that has employed many people in different parts of the world. For instance, the production of wind energy has created jobs in the following areas project development, turbine installation and construction, manufacturing, maintenance and operations, legal, financial and consulting services. There are over fifty companies in the United States that deal with manufacturing of wind turbines.

Improved environmental quality and public health

Electricity produced from renewable energy sources has numerous public health benefits. It has helped in reducing water pollution. Other sources of energy such as gas and coals plants are associated with neurological damage, breathing issues, cancer, and heart attacks.

Replacing these sources with alternative sources can help in reducing the overall health care costs. The pollutants emitted by biomass and geothermal energy systems are much lower as compared to those associated with natural gas and coal-fired power plants.

Diversifying the supply of energy

These sources have played an important role in reducing over dependence on oil and gas companies. For instance, hydro-power is one of the greatest sources of domestic power. Geothermal energy generated from the underground reservoirs of hot water and steam is used in cooling and heating buildings directly. This energy can be accessed throughout the year because it is reliable and renewable.geothermal power plant

Stabilizing the energy prices

It is used in stabilizing the prices of energy by providing reliable and affordable electricity. It cost has been declining steadily, and it is projected to decline even further. The operating costs for these facilities are relatively low as compared to the other technologies.